About Us

We, Bob and Norene Reed, have been in the housing rental business for more than 50 years. Over the past 30 years, we have focused on providing top-notch college housing to students of the University of Northern Colorado. This is something we enjoy and strive to do well.

No more are the days of dealing with a management company that won’t respond to your needs, nor absentee landlords that don’t care about what conditions you live in. We manage and maintenance our properties ourselves. You will see us mowing grass in the summer and shoveling snow when needed in the winter. We pride ourselves on maintaining our houses in excellent condition and look for tenants that will appreciate this and take care of them as well.

It is because of our reputation for providing excellent housing that we DO NOT ACCEPT PETS. Unfortunately, pets are hard on homes and we don’t want to have to pass those costs onto you.

We hope that we can assist you in finding a home for the upcoming year. Our current tenants recommend us highly, which we truly appreciate.

If you are interested in viewing a property, please contact us for an appointment!