Can tenants make changes to their property?

Changes cannot be made to any aspect of the property without prior approval from the landlord.

Are tenants responsible for utilities?

Yes, tenants are responsible for gas and electric, which are billed monthly with their rent dues. Amenities such as internet are the responsibility of the tenant.

What are the landlords responsible for maintaining?

We will maintain the exterior of the home, including lawn and sprinkler maintenance, as well as snow removal in the winter. If maintenance on in the interior of the home is needed, please contact us immediately so we can resolve the issue as soon as possible to limit any potential damage that may result.

What is the pet policy?

Under no circumstances are pets allowed in any of the properties at any time. If a pet is found on the property, the tenants will be in violation of their rental agreement and are subject to fees and eviction. Exceptions will be made on a case-by-case basis in regard to ESA situations.

What is the smoking policy?

Please be respectful of our homes and choose to smoke outside. Smoke is highly damaging to properties and once they have been smoked in, the smell never goes away, making it difficult for others to tolerate. If it is discovered that tenants are smoking inside the home, they are subject to substantial fees.

Are tenants subject to inspections?

While we will never drop by unannounced, we do have the right to schedule random inspections, and reserve the right to do so at our discretion. Reasonable notice will be given prior to inspection and/or regular maintenance.

Can tenants sublet their leases?

Subletting is not permitted. However, if you need to be released from your lease, another person may take over that lease, granted they are approved by the landlord first.

What happens if tenants are late with rent?

Late rent payments are subject to fees, as disclosed in the rental agreement.

Is there an application fee for these properties?

We do not charge for applications to the properties. Please reach out to the email above for an application and we will provide you with one.